Modern Day Makers Story Map Guides You to Handmade Items Along the Trails

Part of a Series of Self-Guided Itineraries

Image Credit: Stray Cat Studio, Beaver Falls

Could you pedal through history, you would find that the “Industrial Heartland” was a land of “makers.” Innovators in this part of the world forged iron and steel, produced glass, and so much more. You might be surprised that the region continues to be dotted with makers of every sort, and our trails connect all of this ingenuity. From Fiesta Ware to baseball bats and custom pocket knives, there is a lot of “making” that still takes place in the Industrial Heartland. Some of these connect back to Northern Appalachian heritage, while others have introduced new crafts to the region.

Check out our Modern Day Makers Story Map, which takes you to nearly two dozen regional shops and maker sites around the region. Some are accessible by trail; others are better reached by vehicle or public transit. Most of the sites are open year round, so plan to hit up some of the sites and support local businesses and artisans this holiday season. Enjoy!