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Modern Day Makers Story Map Guides You to Handmade Items Along the Trails

Part of a Series of Self-Guided Itineraries Could you pedal through history, you would find that the “Industrial Heartland” was a land of “makers.” Innovators in this part of the world forged iron and steel, produced glass, and so much more. You might be surprised that the region continues to be dotted with makers of every […]

Backpedal to the Beginning of America’s Petroleum Industry

Part of a Series of Self-Guided Itineraries The trails along the Allegheny River in Northwestern Pennsylvania provide miles of recreational opportunity as well as a chance to learn about PA’s ‘oil rush.’  Spend some time exploring Franklin’s downtown and town squares before riding the Samuel Justus Trail to Oil City.  The National Transit building now […]

Spooky Fall Jaunts Along the Trails of IHTC

Atlanta may have the Doll’s Head Trail, but the trails that are part of the Industrial Heartland Trails Coalition offer their fair share of frightful fun, too. Here are a handful of seasonally appropriate trail locales for you to consider visiting this Halloween: Ghost Town Trail Hands down, the Ghost Town Trail has the best […]

An Epic Story of Trail Bridges, Rail Tunnels, & other cool relics

Part of a Series of Self-Guided Itineraries You don’t need to be a bridge or rail history buff to take pleasure in the “epic infrastructure” along the IHTC trails. Feel the cool air as you pedal through converted rail tunnels. Look out upon river valleys from elevated rail bridges and experience awe. Have fun and connect to […]

Scoops ‘N Suds Story Map has all Your Cravings Covered

Part of a Series of Self-Guided Itineraries One of our key partners often says, “All trails lead to beer and ice cream,” and we agree. That’s why we’ve mapped some of the best beer and ice cream stops accessible from the various Industrial Heartland Trails Coalition trails. Because there is so much beer and ice cream out […]